YAWDR: Yet another Web design roundup

  • Over at Digital Web Magazine, there is an article about merging CSS with content managment applications. The article is short on technical detail but does describe various different interfaces and goals to be reached.
  • Opera, Mozilla and Firefox (And for all I know Konqueror and Safari can too.) can all zoom web content better than Internet Explorer can. Juicy Studio shows us some JavaScript that gives IE a decent zoom function that’s keyboard accessible.
  • Juicy also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of methods for hiding the label element from browser display.
  • The Man in Blue shows us how to use JavaScript and CSS to make fluid layouts work better for differing screen resolutions. Boy damn! I need that!
  • David Shea shows us how to make the min-height attribute behave better in browser with buggy CSS support.
  • With one of the better uses of Flash I’ve seen, Doug Livingstone, shows us how the CSS box model works.
  • This one is not about technique, design goals or accessibility, it’s about two interesting gadgets called Furl and Spurl.
  • And of course the WaSP has got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 useful tricks to show us for making standards-compliant designs work in older browsers
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