Walking to buy cereal in the morning.

The last few entries were sort of environmental downers. I still stick by them though. In my most ridiculous daydreams, I imagine all of humanity forcibly relocated to space colonies made out of ferrous asteroids. The Earth could then be restored to something close to what it used to be before we appeared on the scene seven million years ago.

Even though I love to walk, I am not one who really likes hiking or camping. Hiking and camping sort of depresses me when I think about all the roads that had to built to the national parks just to allow people the illusion of returning to nature. How is it really a return to nature if we have to drive a car or ride a tourbus to it? How is it really a return to nature if we have very careful rules about trash disposal and land use? Douglas Adams had a bit of satire about the cumulative erosion of eco-tourists to a beautiful resort planet. This is what I think about when walk to the store in the morning to buy cereal.

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