The Yin and the Yang

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Another screed I posted at Nanodot some months back.

Will we better as gods than as mortals? The evidence, based on the history of our increasing powers over these past million years or so, seems to suggest that the answer is both yes and no.

We have committed terrible atrocities both against ourselves and the environment. Sometimes we are incredibly petty, buying expensive sport cars and lip implants when there really is no point to such things. Other times we are incredibly noble. Most of us keep saying we want to save the world even though, nine times in ten, we fall flat on our silly faces. We want to cure the worlds diseases. We want to help the poor. Even though these things often appear hopeless. Even our worst are sometimes noble. The yin contains some yang and vice versa. Hitler was kind to animals. Gandhi alienated his son. The evil contains a little good. The good contains a little evil. Is it really possible to be all yin or yang? Is that kind of perfection really possible? My guess is no. My guess is that things won’t get better and they won’t get worse. They’ll just get different. We’ll be exchanging the agony of the human condition for the agony of the post-human condition.

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