Taming those pesky SWF files

This one is primarily for my benefit. In my line of work, I spend a lot of time converting proprietary file formats to other, usually open, formats. This I try to do without actually having to buy any software. Why should I buy Adobe products when all I want are the images from a silly Acrobat file?

I spend a lot of time searching for high quality open source tools do what I want. Just recently my nephew wanted some help to–groan–embed a sound in his web page. The proprietary method he chose wasn’t working in Firefox. To fix this I recommended he convert the file to a Flash object and then use the the satay method to put it in the page markup. To make this work, I had to convert from MP3 to WAV and then finally to SWF. To do the last step, I found a nifty suite of open source command-line tools for working with Flash and Shockwave. Phew! Problem solved.

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2 Responses to Taming those pesky SWF files

  1. Bakafish says:

    Heh, you should have asked me. I found that stuff ages ago. I used it for a project that allowed you to attach sounds to element events on a website (Sonifier) for pulse. I batch processed several hundred CD’s worth of tracks into embedable SWF tracks. That URL isn’t working right now but this site has some similar stuff.

  2. Pace Arko says:

    Good to know, thanks!

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