More on Accessible Web Design

  • Every site should have a good site map. There are many reasons for this but one is accessibility: What is a user going to turn to when all your dHTML hootenanny doesn’t make any sense in a screen reader? That’s right, your site map. So it better be good!
  • I came across a site that used the same FrontPage theme that I did. Ironically their site also focuses on web accessibility. I’d like to point out that they could have made their pages even more accessible if they abandoned layout tables and only used CSS to do all their page element positioning.
  • I came across another rant about designers who build pages that are too large for screens that are 640 by 480 or even 800 by 600. This, the page’s author claims, limits accessibility. I quite agree: Farlops Industries has built pages that work with scaled up text at 640 by 480 for nearly three years now.
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