More Game Theory

Some interesting game links this month:

  • The Settlers of Catan, a game which I’ve never played, apparently has inspired this bit of mathematical analysis about avoiding agressive moves early in the game.
  • Nature magazine published an article about game theoretical analysis of retribution and cooperation in political and economic systems. Life’s a game folks. In a much deeper sense than many of us realize.

And finally:

Due recent, compelling advances in the software that handles all the accounting and physics, and due to the meme-set of that movie, and due to the maturation of a generation weaned on Pokemon and finally due to legions of former dot-com workers, currently underemployed, role-playing games, after a few years of decline, have staged a bit of comeback. For those of us who have kicked it old-school style for decades now, I offer this question: What would your statistics be if you were a Dungeons and Dragons character?

In case you were wondering: Str: 9; Int: 10; Wis: 13; Dex: 8; Con: 9; Chr: 9

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