A justification to learn new stuff

So in relation to my earlier post about XHTML, yesterday I was reading what Jacques Distler had to offer for justifications for serving XHTML as application/xhtml+xml. But it’s easy for him–many of his entries serve up MathML. Unlike him, I am only humble ex-physics major but, I’ll use any excuse to justify learning something useless. And his page pointed me to something that may justify my dangerously futuristic web design: Syncato.

Syncato, as near as I can tell, is a content management tool, written in python, to work entirely in XML. This means it can start with XHTML but it can start tying into many other things so long as you define things in XSLT or XPath. At last I can blog and do XML at the same time!

But there are barriers in front of me:

  1. I don’t know python, XSLT or any of that new fangled stuff. But I could use this as an excuse to learn it.
  2. This site sits in a server that doesn’t have python or any of the other requirements Syncato needs. However this could change. Baka tells me he plans to move things to a safer machine in a colocation company. Perhaps I’ll have access to more modern tools there.
  3. I’ll have to painstakingly merge all my old Greymatter pages into Syncato. Luckily since they are almost all well-formed and valid, this shouldn’t be too maddening just laborious.
  4. Syncato really isn’t ready for prime time. But as I recall, when I installed Greymatter over three years ago, it wasn’t really ready either and since then I’ve forked very far from Greymatter’s current trunk.

Anyway, I intend to explore this gadget in my carefully planned and efficient life.

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