My own aphorisms someone told me to write down

  • The Programmer’s Lament: “The world is built upon endless, essential yet trivial detail.”
  • Another one: “Everyone wants to be special but has to settle for being unique.”
  • In order for the world to be interesting there must be error. In fact, this may be a defining characteristic of reality: Error only exists in reality.
  • The existence of error, implies the existence of the extremely complex phenomena of evil.
  • Smarter people than me, state my opinions better than I can.
  • Taking a stand, means risking error. People mistake my lack of confrontation as a gentle nature. In truth, I just hate being or guessing wrong.
  • In my favored endeavors, there will always be someone who knows more about them and does better at them than me. Luckily, I know things that they might not know, so it balances out in the end.
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