A kid in search of a software patch

Went to see A.I. yesterday.

Anyway this isn’t exactly a review of the movie. It’s more an exploration of the ideas behind the movie. No spoilers.

All I can really say is that film shows that Spielberg, although he really tried, unsuccessfully fused Kubrick’s ideas and plot together and, as such, consistency and continuity suffered.

You get the impression that it should have been two or more movies. It sort of was–considering that Kubrick wanted to meld Aldiss’ “Super Toys Last All Summer Long,”, “Pinocchio” and Moravec’s Mind Children altogether into one movie. It may have tied together a lot better if the final scenes had been written differently. If you see the flick, you’ll know what I mean. Let’s just say that Steve should have made himself more familiar with Moravec’s (or Clarke’s) braintaping idea.

Kubrick apparently was and Moravec gives the impression that Mind Children was part of the inspiration for the movie, AI in the first place.

If some of these ideas were articulated better at the end of the movie, it would have provided an explanation for the end and the movie as a whole and resolved some remaining conflicts.

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