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Ex-physics majors are dangerous

There’s this guy who invented a safety device to prevent injuries from rotory saws. It all relies on the electrical field generated by human skin, which is different from that of wood, to stop the saw blade within one hundredth … Continue reading

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Made a few minor changes to the journal pages

I moved the entry index and search form to the right-hand column on all journal pages to make them easier to get to. Thinking of finally implementing my Chumbe Bandia ideas as an EM-RPG. Thinking this dot-com downturn is finally … Continue reading

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A kid in search of a software patch

Went to see A.I. yesterday. Anyway this isn’t exactly a review of the movie. It’s more an exploration of the ideas behind the movie. No spoilers. All I can really say is that film shows that Spielberg, although he really … Continue reading

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Interesting rants about RPGs

Found an interesting page about RPGs today by some cat named Mu. Me, I’m real old school, I’ve been playing RPGs since I was sophmore in high school in ’78. My friend wrote his own versions of ADVENT and Rogue … Continue reading

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Been a while since I've said anything.

On this Independence Day, as Ivar’s representatives attempt to turn our urban skies into an air raid zone, I can’t think of anything profound to say. Over the years I’ve had complex feelings about this country. But when I think … Continue reading

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