Will Rubber Bands Be Banned From Airlines?

While Surfing through Blogdex, I found a page about fighting with rubber bands. Not that I condone such behavior (Especially since, as a nerd, I never was very good at shooting rubber bands in grade school.)–but the page has a certain nerdish appeal in that it describes the techniques and technology in exhaustive detail.

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  1. Odin says:

    Hey as it turns out there is a special name for fighting with rubber bands in Hungarian- it is csuzli…
    only kids and crazy people do this here…
    incidentally when I was 13 and attending Portsmouth Abbey in Rhode island there was a kid from the Dominican Republic named Eduardo who thought he was really tough because he had a green belt in Tai Kwon Do- he was giving me shit one day and threatening me with his martial arts so I pulled back one of the tiny rubber bands on my braces and let fly- it hit him straight in the eye and he went down immediately screaming in pain- they had to bring him to the hospital with a scratched cornea- he never fucked with me again.

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