A Slow News Day While Tweaking XP

I installed XP Pro on my laptop the day before yesterday. Spent today tweaking it for my taste and to increase performance. Having Win2K, I saw no need to upgrade to XP (I left the unstable world of Win9x behind forever, save for legacy games, more than three years ago.) but, someone gave me a copy as a gift so, I had to see what it was like.

Ugh! They Macified it! (By the way, nothing against Apple, it’s just that my interface habits are not Mac interface habits.)

So the first things I did was to revert everything to the bland, Win2K interface and to remove all the useless fades, sounds, slides and dancing baloney. I kept Cleartype.

Cleartype is one of the few really useful things that MS has done in a few years aside from getting rid of that paperclip. If you have XP, or whatever new thing MS assaults us with in 2 years, install it. It really makes a difference.

Went into MMC and turned off a lot of useless daemons like bandwidth reserving, error notification, wireless support and music player support.

I also highly recommend turing off telenet, if you have it installed. Telenet is totally insecure and utterly useless on an NT box. Use a Windows port of secure shell for talking to UNIX flavored boxes instead.

Another bit of advice: Do not get XP Home. XP Home is a crippled version of the NT kernal for the dubious purpose of keeping things simple for the greenhorns. Don’t get it. You can hack XP Home a bit to restore some of the security and functionality left out by MS but why bother? Save a little more money and get XP Pro.

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