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So the night before last, I did a clean install of Win2k on my other machine only to discover that the cheap ethernet card I bought for it over a year ago is not on the Hardward Compatibility List. Scrambling around, I discovered that this card was barely adequate for Win9x too. Oh well, you buy cheap, you get cheap.

I also discover that M$ won’t let me register the re-installation of O2k. This is weird because, I had O2k on the machine just fine before I upgraded so, the only things that the Gnomes of Microsoft should note is that I did a clean install of the system. Perhaps because my Pentium III ID number is turned off and my net card has no MAC address, because it doesn’t work, the gnomes don’t realize it’s the same physical machine.

So how do I fix this? Simple. Revert back to Win98, restore a backup and pretend like nothing has happened. I don’t think I’ll have to register O2K in this case since all I am doing is restoring a drive back to an earlier state.

Then I’ll go buy a better net card, upgrade Win2k directly over Win98, backup again and finally only restore O2k from the back up. I think this will let me avoid registering things again. Go ahead, laugh, you open source commies!

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