Game Theory and Philosophy

Inspired by the Dead Kennedys stuff cited below, I did some searching on things related to Jello Biafra and came across some local folks dedicated to the idea that life is a game. It’s weird how the Web thinks these things are related.

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2 Responses to Game Theory and Philosophy

  1. Ralph says:

    These various pages are indeed amusing. But are you surprised that Google considered them related? They all have Jello Biafra’s wonderful comment (which was the exact quote you had asked Google to find) prominently included.
    Or am I missing the true intent of your Game Theory and Philosophy entry?

  2. Pace Arko says:

    Well, yeah, I did tweak the Google query so that it would search for pages that quote that immortal line from Public Service Message.
    I’m rather surprised! Are you a Jello fan Ralph?

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