Hollywood Creates Another Cliche

Apparently the bad guys use Microsoft–boring, stogy, patronizing–and the good guys use Apple–cool, stylish, friendly (Although I’d argue just as patronizing, at least before the release of OSX.). Out in the real world of course, we all know this really isn’t true. Most of the real work of evil government officials and corporate drones gets done on some closed form of Unix. Or with a lot of embedded systems running some proprietary OS.

Microsoft has been dropping big coin for years to get NT-flavors into this market of stogy, evil establishment types but they haven’t succeeded yet. Apple, by finally moving their GUI onto Unix, is probably going to try use OSX+ to somehow capture the server needs of the anti-establishment (perhaps these are the “good guys”) but they’ll probably be headed off by Linux or various ports of BSD. In other words the serious work, good or evil, still consists of scrolling text and bash prompts, rather boring in terms of the visual appeal of film and television but, there it is.

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