Okay. This is just too nifty to pass up

Wolfram Research has a form that lets you enter equations and have them integrated. This is really really neat! Takes me back to my old calculus days. Obviously it’s a drag to do this all in ASCII. This means that you are forced to do stuff like, Legendre[n,x] for Legendre functions (A type of differential equation that often occurs in physics.) and (((x^x)^x)^x)…^x. (Where x equals the number of powers x is raised to, in other words tetration.) but so it goes. It’s also rather irritating that the output is as an image.

Mozilla finally supports MathML (A markup language specifically designed for mathematical expressions) but I know IE doesn’t. I’ve always found it deeply ironic that the Web was created by a bunch of physicists and mathematicians, yet they added MathML only as an afterthought. What was Tim Berners-Lee thinking when he omitted this?

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  1. While attending school at the University of Illinois, I met Steven Wolfram at a party. He was kinda a jerk, but hey, he’s really smart. Mathematica Rocks.

  2. Pace Arko says:

    Wow! Hey dude, thanks for the comment! Looking forward to the Blind Jonny and the Spectacles jam session next Sunday!

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