Nanotech–a cakewalk for piracy? And stupid CSS tricks!



  • No, you are not being clever when using the names of old lovers, with a few easily guessed numbers thrown in, for passwords. Now that everything of importance depends on it, choose better passwords people!
  • And no, tech fixes like smart cards and biometrics won’t eliminate the need for strong passwords either.
  • Considering the existance of multiple copies of your e-mail on multiple servers across the Internet, it’s getting harder to truly delete things from existance. Make strong passwords people!

Content Piracy:

  • When people can thwart anti-copying technology with a simple felt-tip marker, a perfect world with no content piracy doesn’t seem likely to come into being anytime soon.
  • Besides sometimes piracy builds audience which means more money gained at legitimate outlets.
  • I don’t condone piracy but it’s going to get worse. Today, the diamond cartels laser etch diamonds to substantiate authenticity because synthetic diamonds are so good now that they can easily pass most tests. Tomorrow, when nano gets in full swing, it will become possible to make atomically precise copies of the Mona Lisa from tubs of vegetable oil.
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