Yet another Ring, changes to the Internet DNS servers and optical illusions

  • Now that mid-term elections have given the Republicans the majority of governorships and control of both houses of Congress to go along with their control of the Executive, there really isn’t a heck of a lot they can’t do if the various factions in the party agree. The average science nerd in the street wants to know how this regime change will affect science and technology policy.
  • In an attempt to improve the durability and security of the Internet, technicians decide to move the root servers that control the DNS system. I talked a little about the root servers of the DNS many months ago. It’s all this quiet, behind-the-scenes foundational stuff of the Internet that really interests me.
  • Here is an interesting page of optical illusions that I found on Blogdex.
  • As handed out from the Manky Paw, comes news that they are planning to film Larry Niven’s Ringworld. Thoughts are that Chou Yun Fat will play the part of Louis Wu and sophisticated computer animation will play the part of Nessus and Speaker-to-Animals. Nanotechnology and cyberpunk has, in some ways, seriously dated much of Niven’s work but I look forward to seeing what Hollywood comes up with.
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