The REAL reason support for print media CSS is so poor

Imagine if people didn’t have to use Acrobat or Word to print out legible, neatly organized documents? Well, they almost can. They almost could if there was good support of CSS rules and attributes related to print media. Mozilla does the best job in support of CSS in printed media and Opera isn’t too shabby either but they still fall short in key areas. I wonder how long this is going to remain so. As a matter of course I put all my documents in XHTML or text now, but I am sure veterans from the print media can spot all kinds of shortcomings in using HTML and CSS in serious production of magazines or books and such. It’s a pity because HTML is pretty darn cross-platorm, very simple, open and lightweight and could be more than adequate from most people’s needs. One only has to look at Word’s zillions of unused features to realize that.

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