Adding a stylesheet-switcher to my site

In the best of worlds, ECMAscript-driven stylesheet-switchers wouldn’t be necessary; browsers would load and parse all linked stylesheets and then give the user the option to choose one that suits. In the real world this isn’t true, so I gotta kludge to cope. Allow me to explain what I mean.

Ever since its earliest days, as Internet Explorer 4 began its conquest of browser share, Farlops Industries has looked, aside from semantic, functional and structural changes, more or less as you see it now, assuming your browser has good support of CSS. I have to confess that the look is beginning to tire me, but I want to keep the old look around just prove that I was in on the ground floor of CSS adoption way before Mozilla got its act together and separation of style from content and function got hip.

I’m also still dithering over whether change my intentionally obfuscated navigation. Part of me thinks, It’s a personal site. I’d rather be thought of as silly or clever than clear. Another part of me thinks, But if you want people to take your web log seriously, you have to help them find stuff. Usability does a lot for reputation. On another hand, if I really cared about reputation, I would have been more active in promoting my site in the community of self-publishers.

That aside, I intend to build some new style sheets and add a switcher. After that, I will consult my server logs and see who likes which style the best and default to that. Maybe I’ll solicit comments.

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