Words I am getting sick of

Techie, geek, technologist, web monkey.

What, isn’t “computer technician” good enough? I am a web server technician. I am a network technician. I am not a computer scientist, engineer or computer programmer. I have no formal training in those things. Technician suffices in describing what I do without taking on presumptive airs like technologist or engineer does. It also doesn’t sound cutesy like webmaster, geek or techie.


What, isn’t “greenhorn” sufficient? Why invent a new, cutesy word when there are dozens of perfectly good words that apply?

Smilie, emoticon.

There used to be a time in the dim past when authors of letters and tracts used politeness and nuance to avoid misinterpretation of dry humor and satire. These days people have to rely on bogus punctuation to avoid misinterpretation. If what you are writing could be misinterpreted, don’t send it. Re-write it so that it makes sense and carries the exact emotional nuance you intend. We laugh at the people of 17th, 18th and 19th centuries as being overly verbose and polite, but I think this was due to the culture of letter writers that existed at the time. Perhaps it is time we rediscovered these skills.

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