Is this some horror unknown?

So let’s see if I can add a new entry with the XStandard editor!

Yes, I can.

Later, upon entry revision, I see that if I add something to the extended area but later erase it, XStandard retains a nonbreaking space bounded by paragraph tags. Sigh. Still, much better than my javascript hack that I’ve been using to generate entries for these last 4 years.

Anyway–it’s been a long time since my last entry! I’ve been very busy with holidays and work and I’ve been dithering over whether to add XStandard as my editor for Greymatter. (I wonder if I should still be calling my blog script Greymatter. I’ve forked so far that it doesn’t really apply anymore.)

So a lot has happened:

  • I’ve been talking the Fish. Giving him advice on CSS, accessibility and standards compliance for his site facelift–if he ever gets around to it.
  • I’ve also been trying to convince him to install python on this server. If that get’s done, I plan port Greymatter into python. It will still generate static pages with no dynamic data access. I plan to clean the script up a bunch, make it more secure, more efficient.
  • Either that or replace it entirely. My installation is getting overloaded with gadgetry installed on a rather messy code base.
  • I finished and launched a new site for my latest customer.
  • Considering how steady my work has been these last few months. It may be that my freelance career is finally firming up into a profitable business. We’ll see. It really depends on how deligent I am with my paperwork and networking.

I’ve also been collecting a lot of interesting pages from my news reader. I’ll post these in later entries.

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