The Bakafish Joins the 21st Century

With a small amount of help from me, Baka has been working on a layout-table-free, semantic and pure CSS facelift for his site. He had just sent his penultimate draft to me last night. I looked it over and it looks nearly perfect! It renders just fine in Firefox and even IE6 on Windows. Opera 7.54 still looks a little dodgy but I think that can be compensated for with the right hiding tricks. He still has to optimize things a bit for Safari but he’s very close to finished.

I’m really happy to hear this! I’ve been doing things this way for the last six or so years. It’s just nice to see more and more people find the enlightenment of a better way of web design.

Baka has done it! He’s gone purely semantic and valid! Plus he’s added a blog! Hooray!

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