Should I shut this thing down?

The trouble with writing things here is that I want to use it for at least three different purposes:

  1. As a lab notebook for web design, XML and such.
  2. Vague thoughts of the future of technology and society. I suppose if I was a real programmer/inventor I could combine this with purpose one.
  3. Reviews of books, television, films, music, games that I’ve experienced.

I seem to do better at commenting on what others have written than in initializing my own thoughts. This happens all the time when I comment on threads I’ve read on Orkut. I’ve wasted some great rants there! Rants that I should have here. But I can’t have here simply because the general public reads this and I have to defend my privacy. To write well, you really have to care about something.

The trouble with blogs is that you’ve got to keep adding new material. You’ve got to have a large mine of material to unearth.

If I were hacking on some daily project to work on, I could give you all updates on my progress or lack thereof on that. If I were like the technoprogressive pundits and journos over at WorldChanging I’d probably have a lot of news stories to post here that emphasize that viewpoint. If I weren’t utterly exhausted with refuting the undying mountain of pseudoscience, I’d probably talk more about my atheism and skepticism. If I approached and documented my creative work as a role-playing gamemaster more seriously, I could write about that.

At least I’ll be amassing more music to talk about in the near future, thanks to digital technology.

This site is a lot like my life. I’m too afraid to commit to anything in serious way. I seem content to run around in a million directions at once. As such I get much early exposre to a lot of hip stuff but I never engage in it long enough to really establish a name for myself. I’m lazy. To establish yourself as an expert in a field of endeavor requires a lot of hard work and a lot of focus. I seem unwilling to do either. I was in on the ground floor of accessible web design but, I never became a household name for it.

Sometimes this blog seems to ask me, “What are you waiting for?”

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