Final blog mergings and source-ordered markup

So what I need to is to tweak my blog script so that it searches the entire site, including the entries built with my old blog tool. That way, I can put one form on all my pages that will sweep the whole site.

I guess I could do this on the cheap by enlisting Google’s help but the results won’t look like my site and I’d rather keep things within my server.

I still have to think a bit on how to merge my old blog’s archive pages with my new blog’s archive pages. and make the navigation of my old blog pages look a lot like my new blog pages. I think once I do this everything will look very seamless. But first I must settle on how I want my new pages navigation to look.

In other webbish news, source-ordered markup is once again vindicated for accessibility. Current screen readers mostly ignore the CSS, as they should, and recite the content in markup order. This is why you should always put content first and navigation last in order of increasing generality. The only navigation that should come before content should be the skip links.

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