PKD's doppleganger

I got some mail from a fellow named Don who has a site of his own that he thought I’d be interested in. It looks like it’s just starting out so, I don’t know where it will go but, so far it seems to be a slightly squeamish take on transhumanism. I think Don’s a little disturbed by all this stuff he’s reading and seeing about various technological advances. And well he should be. It means he’s paying attention.

One of the stories Don wrote that stuck in my mind was his reaction to a Phillip K. Dick android he saw at a convention in Chicago. (As is well known to his fans, Phillip K. Dick’s stuff dwelt, almost pathologically, on the nature of reality and on artificial life. I myself have read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Second Variety.) My reading of Don’s reaction was that he had mixed feelings about it. Ironically Don’s reaction might have been very like the reaction Dick himself would have had, were he alive, disturbed yet utterly fascinated at the same time.

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