Useful stuff to know about XP and Linux

  • coLinux: and open source Linux emulator. Run Linux inside NT5+ without buying VMWare.
  • There are other ways to emulate Linux inside NT5+ with other open source emulators. I really don’t know why I started exploring this, either I multiboot, use Knoppix or run it pure. Well–it might be useful at some point.
  • Run XP from a key drive: I’ve yet to look at this in detail. My initial reaction is that older BIOS won’t support boot from flash storage. I’ll have experiment with this and see. Expect this bullet to be revised later.
  • Still more Windows applications to run from a key drive.
  • Continuing with the them of applications and utilities to run from key drives, freeware and open source tools for Windows.
  • Of course key drives are huge. All the truly hip tools fit on a floppy.
  • Having recently installed the latest version of Trillian, I’ve noticed it’s bloating up. This prompted me to examine an alternative IM tool that might be a bit thinner. Haven’t tried it yet. Expect this bullet to be revised when I do.
  • A primer for people learning XP’s command line, which is different from Win2k’s and NT4’s shell and definitely different from Win9x’s shell.
  • Six or so years ago, I tried to run a Linux workstation within Microsoft’s corporate LAN. It was frustrating but it was a learning experience finally getting it to work the way I wanted. It would have been nice to have some documentation on to use SAMBA in a Windows LAN.
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