If I were wise, I would have drunk the Kool-Aid at Microsoft years ago and taken their offer of full employment. But I didn’t. At the time, it didn’t feel right and I was just leery of commitment. That was probably a mistake. It wouldn’t have been my first and certainly won’t be my last but I think I learned from it. Next time, go with the safe thing.

Regardless, here I am five years later, searching the job sites and signing up with temp agencies again. It was interesting to work for myself these last five years but, I just wasn’t working hard enough to keep my income steady. There’d be these long dry periods where I’d have to burn some of my investments to pay bills. I can’t afford to do that for much longer. I’m 42 and can’t mess around like that anymore.

So I am heading back to wage-slavery. With any luck some of my applications might score me something steady.

I’ll still be supporting my current customers indefinitely. To be frank their needs just don’t take up enough of my time to really be a drain.

Anyway, that’s part of the reason why I’ve been quiet here on my site. I’ve been job hunting.

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