Makin' the Big Bucks Now!

So I just recently learned that my domain name is worth $10, 400 but my
actual site is only worth $564.54
. I also learned that I can reasonably demand $30 for each and every text ad that appears on my site.

Do you find those numbers hard to believe? Well, they aren’t that bad. Let’s see what Malda could charge for Slash:

Do these number still seem hard to believe? Well, welcome to the insane world of Internet advertising where even the most vaporous business models and scams can be taken seriously! I’m sure the builders of the value calculating tools I used to get these numbers have closely reasoned arguments behind their algorithms. I’m just glad I’m not working in search engine optimization.

Actually my friend Laughing Cow Cheese would probably grit her teeth for a moment and then patiently explain to me that even older, respectable and physical realms of the economy are based equally vaporous concepts. I mean how much is a glass of water to victim dying of thirst in the desert? How much is that same glass of water worth to kids with huge soft drinks in their hands?

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