Sigh, standards support, yet again

There were images in my last post but, many of you probably didn’t see them because Internet Explorer 6 doesn’t support cascading stylesheets as well as it should.

Now, you really shouldn’t worry about this because Microsoft Vista is coming out soon. If you buy a new computer with Vista, many of you out there will get your browser upgraded whether you want it to be or not. The rest of you have already migrated to Firefox, Opera, Safari, Galeon and so on or have already installed Internet Explorer 7 on XP. So, one way or another, this problem will soon solve itself.

This site was never really known for being the cutting edge aside from the fact it has used semantically pure, accessible markup and cascading stylesheets for more than six years–long before those things became hip. And yet, supporting the broken implementation of IE6 has proved tedious. Henceforth, on my personal site, I’m hiding all my stylesheets from versions of Internet Explorer earlier than 7. I’m consigning IE6 to the same bin as Netscape Navigator 4 and other browsers with bad support for cascading stylesheets.

Of course my site will still be entirely readable and usable in all browsers. It’s just that Internet Explorer 6 will get unstyled markup and fewer client scripts from now on. Which is probably a good thing actually.

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