Working in a coal mine, going down, down–

So where have I been these last two months? I’ve been extremely busy:

  • Building a website for a new customer. (Yes, I know the site concerns rather dull subject matter but it pays the bills.)
  • Shipping out a lot of orders, updating their site and doing lots of technical support for my new employer.
  • Trying to figure out how to make this difficult bit of software work for a small doctor’s office I support.
  • Sundry other things–updating other sites for other customers, getting my taxes ready, holidays, etc. etc.

It’s weird. For nearly a year, no serious work and then all of sudden a deluge of tasks. There are still many projects I have yet to do before things diminish to a dull roar here at the mighty, mighty Farlops Industries. Let me list them in order of priority:

  1. Moving Lord Odinmank’s site into Movable Type. I plan start this immediately upon launching the Dice Institute site.
  2. Updating this site and this site. I will not start these until point one is launched.
  3. Way back in November and over the sea, in Thailand, Odinmank launched a few lanterns to memorialize Wade. I want to add those images and text to Wade’s memorial before it scrolls off my root page.
  4. Income taxes should be easier this year now that I’ve finally got a system in place to keep track of things. No declarations this year either.
  5. A few more installments of the Udra’s History.

I even worked on MLK Day and didn’t even give him a post, something I’ve been pretty strict about. Just all of a sudden paying gigs came hurtling out of the labor dimension. I’m thinking of raising my rates if this keeps up.

Not really a coherent entry but just thought I’d keep the site fresh with something this new year. Last year was very sparse in new posts, I hope to make up for that this year.

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