Testing pictures and Ecto's abilities

This is an aggregate rock from Australia

I know my new CSS rule works but I just wanted to inform some of you of it. IE6 should see the pictures I have here now. Also I wanted to see just how sophisticated Ecto’s image editing and addition facilities are. If all goes well, I shouldn’t really have to mess with MT‘s somewhat clumsy file upload function.

I also tested Ecto’s style retention when pasting data tables from MSWord. Yep. It works. I won’t paste an example here; the markup is just too hideous for words. Most every ugly inline style and bizarre psuedo-XML tag appears to be retained when pasting into Ecto. Ay-yi-yi, I’ve given a loaded gun to my latest customer. With Ecto he should be able to just cut and paste every ugly thing in the MSWord files he has. Oh well, less work for me.

Okay, let’s see if this works. If all goes well, Even in IE6, you should see the picture of a rock I have inserted here. All my older picture entries should work too.

Although it’s a great tool, much better than what I can find in Linux, Ecto does have its little annoyances:

  • It won’t let me set the basename for a page. This means we go with MT’s rather annoying default (MT’s annoying_default_that_i_dont_like.html). I prefer to manually set the file name of the page I’m making.
  • It doesn’t give me full access to all the semantic elements of HTML 4. This isn’t so bad, there’s hardly an WYSIWYG editor out there yet, that does this for me. I’m very touchy about this; nothing seems quite right. If I were a programmer, I guess I’d build one.
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