Hm, it's been a while since I've said anything

So I haven’t wrote anything here for all of January and most of December. Actually I’ve been writing up tentative entries on the bus to and from work but nothing has jelled up into a good article to post here.

It’s the digital equivalent of the horror of the blank page that all authors must face at some point. Sometimes something comes, sometimes it seems like it’s all been said and said by people smarter than you.

One of the ways I think I can get around this problem is to talk about my hobbies. I have a game session coming up and that will give me a write up then. My gaming pals love my summaries of game sessions. But I could broaden this by talking about table-top role-playing games in general. (Sigh. I remember when just saying role-playing games was sufficient. But software has changed all this now.):

  • I did start a couple of entries on the history of my role-playing campaign: Udra. I really should finish this up.
  • I could make these histories very detailed or at least as detailed as my memory and 29 year old paper can allow for.
  • I could talk about table-top RPGs in general. Commentaries of rules and variations. I’ve done a little of this already. For example I could talk about how to use computers to aid in bookkeeping and note-taking in game sessions. It would great to have a computerized miniatures map that would help everyone keep track of the physics. As a game master, I’d love to have this so I could concentrate on the descriptive stuff and mood.

Anyway, stuff maybe some other subjects will come to me. I’ve been thinking about ways to force people to use encrypted mail and whether I want to sign up for EVDO service for example. Something will come.

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