Shades of Algernon

The Blue Brain Project requires one of the most powerful supercomputers on the planet to simulate a single cortical column of a rat’s brain. This project of computational neurology has been running since 2005. In my opinion, this project, out of all the research projects related to artificial intelligence, is the mostly likely to tell us how the brain actually works. About an hour ago, I was pointed to an article in the NYT announcing a neural prosthesis that boosts memory in rats.  Is this cool or what?

I’m looking forward to replacing every neuron in my head with something like this provided I live long enough to see this technology get that good.

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  1. Michael Hutchinson Sr says:

    Let’s hope we live in to those upper years. This is worth a look….

  2. Michael Hutchinson Sr says:

    June 2011 TOP500 Review looks at Japan’s K Supercomputer

  3. Michael Hutchinson Sr says:

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