I've decided I like WordPress

It’s been just over a month since I put the mighty, mighty Farlops Industries back online and I love the way WordPress works. To be fair, I loved the way the Melody fork of MovableType worked too and, I’d rather this all be in perl but, WP is just a dream to use, even if it is written in the train wreck that is PHP.

  • Swapping themes is easy.
  • Adding plug-ins is easy.
  • Managing comment spam and trackbacks is easy.
  • Formatting text and making sure it validates as XHTML 1 is easy.
  • Editing permanent links is easy.

I’ve heard that recent iterations of PHP have been cleaned up since version 3. I’ll have to check into this to keep my meager coding skills sharp.

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One Response to I've decided I like WordPress

  1. Michael Hutchinson Sr says:

    I’ve seen some really nice pages out there…. FB is like a disease, wish we had a cure !!!

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