Silly Scientist Tricks!

Today there are a lot of links to very interesting articles on Nanodot. For example, the use of diatom shells in MEMS or as drug delivery capsules. Another interesting one is about the construction of three-dimensional polymer crystals (Think of nylon or carbon fiber only in three-dee.). Traffic on Nanodot seems to be picking up now that the industry in general is taking off and it has become a hot issue among the capitalists.

In another science news, scientists have figured out a way to coax tissues to grow in a serum of growth factor proteins and nutrients. In fact they can now coax meat (such as muscle tissue) to grow outside the body. This implies that one day we could dispose of slaughtering animals entirely and just cut steaks from a continuously growing haunch of cow sitting in a vat of blood-like fluid somewhere. In theory the process could be much more energy efficient and environmentally sound then cutting down rain forest to raise huge herds of wasteful beef or mining the oceans bare of . It might even be possible to apply these techniques to wood production and thus cease cutting down old-growth forest.

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