Factory Floor is One Year and Three Days Old

I guess I should mark this occasion: One year of using the Greymatter script.

Before, Factory Floor was just a vague way of referring to the site’s root page without saying, “home page.” Before, Factory Floor was just a site news page, listing bug fixes and content updates. Now, thanks to Mr. Grey’s wonderful personal content management tool, I have freedom to yammer about any old thing and even link to it.

To celebrate, or perhaps to offer a vision statement, I intend to upgrade this site’s markup to strict XHTML 1.0. I may restore closed entries, replacing their timely and irrelevant verbiage, with more timeless content. I may also update the content on the rest of the site as well. Depending on the piscatorial moods of baka, I may even install the e-mail modification to the script. Why? Simply because I can. Doing this appeals to my sense of cognitive dissonance. (Addendum, 3-27-02: As of today all of this has been finished except the mail.)

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