The Penny is Garbage Money!

I hate that jar of pennies I have. I hate having to pack pennies into little rolls to take to the bank. I have a little pocket on my equipment vest just for pennies and other useless change and, I make it a point to always leave my apartment with 4 pennies from my jar in hopes that I can get rid of them but, this isn’t enough. It doesn’t empty my penny jar.

I think a law should be passed: metal change can only come in quarter units. The quarter is only thing that buys anything anymore now that more and mover vending slots, pay phones and parking meters take only quarters–pretty soon dimes and nickles will be as hard to get rid of as pennies.

There is only one good thing that comes out of all this garbage coinage that I get as change, I can donate it to various charities. But only if they provide a jar to throw the stuff in as I leave the till.

I guess I could avoid all this and just use point of sale and credit cards and stuff but I like the accounting of cash. With cash there is no checks floating in hardmail, waiting to cash out. There is no unexpected bills waiting for me at the end of the month. With cash I know the money is mine and it’s gone when I spend it. That’s direct accountability. Cash is much easier in terms of bookkeeping–either I have the money or I don’t. But if I wanna do everything in cash, I have to accept the penny. Grumble. If I were king–

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