CSS, nuclear materials tracking and the loose, wanton ways of Windows

  • For quick summation of some great CSS hacks, visit Real World Style.
  • If you have NT 4, Windows 2000 or XP and you’ve looked at the service settings in MMC, you’ll find something called Windows Messenger service. Windows systems, including Win9x, use this service to send some system error messages and network alerts to you. By default this service is switched on and starts everytime you start Windows. Not too surprisingly, considering the loose ways of Windows in its attempts to be easy and functional for everyone, someone has figured out a way to send spam via this service. Install and configure your firewalls folks. Or learn if you can turn the service off. Errors tend to be written to log files anyway, at least in NT they do.
  • Bush the Sequel, instead of attempting to revive the boondoggle of SDI, would spend our money more wisely if he tells Congress to invest in a network of active and passive gamma ray sensors on our country’s streets, ports and air fields.
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