New Year's Cleaning

After spending a few hundred dollars on a used laptop (Of the same model as my old one with a cracked screen and which now stands to be cannibalized for parts.), a roomy drive and an 802.11 (b+g) transceiver, I know have a new office to work in. Just spent the last few days transferring my data and installers and optimizing my settings. The first thing I noticed is how quiet everything is. My old desktop had a cheap power supply fan which whined and squealed endlessly, slowly eroding my sanity.

I still plan to replace the fan and upgrade the desktop for gaming, but that will have to wait for the next series of paychecks. Despite my nerdly heritage, I am not as gadget happy as some. I still don’t own a mobile phone or PDA.

Anyway a few links to share with my tiny audience:

  • Remember the hype last month about the Administration’s “bold new space initiative?” What does Shrub’s promised space adventure really mean, considering he’s not really going to pay for it.
  • Bruce Schneier (Mr. Counterpane himself) dispels illusions concerning terrorism and indentification cards.
  • A tip of the hat to Gyre for a nice dose of reality to counter the simplicity we’ve been getting from some quarters these last four years.
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