Journalists can't be trusted on points of grammar

So Wired has decided to stop capitalizing the word, “Internet.” Like I care. Let me tell you a story:

Back in 1996, when I first started work at Microsoft, our group’s copy editors passed out style guidelines for our writing. These were based on rules laid down by the Associated Press. After two decades of getting Strunk and Chicago drummed into my head, I was horrified. All the rules I had painstakingly internalized to the point of unthinking habit were overturned simply because a few journos couldn’t be bothered to underline or italicize book titles while in the middle of a boring press conference or something.

Rules of style and grammar are at some point entirely arbitrary and the chief thing is to stay consistent. And just because the rules I memorized are different from the rules you have imposed on me, doesn’t mean I am wrong. So I am still capitalizing when I refer to the Internet, the Earth, the Moon or the Sun. I have reasons for doing so which are just as good as yours for not doing so.

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