Sometimes you just gotta let your freak flag fly!

Despite years of completely justified ridicule, people still watch television.

Adults, with kids, taxes and jobs still act like complete idiots at football games. People still play golf–that’s one I’ve never understood. People still make beadwork. People still dance badly in clubs. People still attend live theater. People still dress themselves to the nines for events and situations that don’t warrant such efforts. Kids still think wearing black and studs is cool. Old farts, who should know better, still attend Pink Floyd concerts. And people still play D and D.

A hat tip to the Lord of all Grognards!

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2 Responses to Sometimes you just gotta let your freak flag fly!

  1. Pace,
    Did you mean to pay a tribute to me by posting my ASL AREA ranking of 699? If so, thank you. But you might be interested to know that you have an ASL AREA ranking of 700. My ranking is the result of playing one game several years ago. I had been itching for a game, so I answered an Internet message for ASL opponents in Seattle. Another war game nerd came to my house and destroyed me in a game of Advanced Squad Leader. But it was fun.
    I am still itching for a game of ASL, but my earlier experience taught me that I prefer playing games with/against people I know.
    So, do you want to learn Advanced Squad Leader?
    I didn’t think so.

  2. Pace Arko says:

    Whoops! I hope you’re not unhappy with that link Ralph. I’ll remove it if you are.
    For the last two weeks I’ve been very busy and haven’t had time to game. We’ll see how November shapes up.

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