Where are we headed?

As I go to vote later today, the arrogance of our foreign policy and the alienation of long time allies will figure large in my mind. A correction must be made. This is probably no surprise to my friends, since turning 18 in 1981, I’ve been a life long Democrat. But there are other reasons why I’m voting for Kerry. These reasons, I think, matter even more to global civilization then our lonely occupation of Iraq.

Over the last four or so years, I’ve seen a maturation in an ideological movement called transhumanism. It seems that its adherents and admirers have finally begun to realize that they have to depart from their fringe status and choose a side in the political structure of the United States if they are going to any say about future technological development. It seems to me that they’ve decided to settle down on the left side of the aisle.

I think they’ve noticed that it was Gore, who was one of the earliest advocates of nanotechnology in DC, not Gingrich, who didn’t jump on until five or so years later. They certainly seem to be aware that it was Bush II who appointed Kass and Fukuyama to an unelected committee of scholars who managed to slow biotech research in this country for 4 years. I think they’ve noticed that it was Kerry, not Bush, who made stem cell research a campaign issue. I think it’s becoming clear that the left, at least the moderate left, is beginning to embrace science and technology again. I think the tired and simplistic arguments of the libertarians and miniarchists from transhumanism’s early days are wearing thin.

I’ve always been hesitant to call myself transhuman or extropian but this new found political maturity is refreshing to me. I don’t know if what I am talking about here makes any sense but I’ve always been a big picture person and this transhumanism thing will figure very large eventually.

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