sIFR and Web Typography

Well–the “Yes, we know the Web is not print but it should be,” crowd finally achieved their grail: A means of injecting uncommon fonts into in pages without sacrificing accessibility, losing semantics or confusing search engines. sIFR does it all.

Except it’s proprietary, it’s not fully supported yet in Opera and it’s occasionally buggy.

I guess this really isn’t a problem. I mean, I use GIFs on my own site so, I can hardly claim some kind of open source purity. But it seems like this method will delay better support for the venerable old rule, @font-face. sIFR works well, right now, so why bother?

But while we’re on the subject, there are still lots of old fashioned ways to make your web typography look good on as many platforms as possible.

I’ve been studying this stuff today because I’m still in the process of creating a new look for the site.

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