Why don't I embed video on my site?

Well, this gets into my endless arguments about W3C standards, interoperability and freedom from any proprietary software. But basically I hate Adobe’s Flash utility. Yes, it’s widely supported but, it’s proprietary and, I’d rather not have the Internet held to the whims of any one company.

So if I am going to have any interactive bits here at all, if I’m going to have any multimedia at all, they are going to be implemented with SVG, HTML 5 or similar open, non-proprietary methods as recommended by the W3C. Either that or I’ll just link to another page with the audio, video or interactive gadget in question and let you sort it out for yourselves.

In this post-Twitter, post-Facebook, world, most people don’t care about these infrastructural issues and, they shouldn’t need to. I don’t expect any comments on this but, I’m been a strong vocal supporter of Web standards since 1998 and, being totally vindicated in my stance on CSS, this is my new line in the sand to draw. I expect I’ll be vindicated here too.

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