Words that I've coined.

Okay, to preface, I’ve searched the Web for these words and I’ve found that in all cases, it was only me that was using them, or if they were used by someone else it wasn’t in any coherent way beyond spamming search engine results. So this is my notice to the anglophone world. I coined these words over the last 13 years and, for posterity, am defining them here.

However I want to categorically state, I do not own these words, nor make any claim to them. They are completely public domain and I expect no credit whatsoever for coining them. Not that the world gives a hobo’s cuss what I think or do.

sin?TH??z?ik adj (1999) Of, relating to, or denoting artificial life, synthetic biology or engineered organisms of any kind. Artificial replicators like computer viruses and network worms are synthozoic. The Synthozoic Era would be a geological era on the Earth when artificial life emerges and predominates. After the Skynet destroys humanity and rules the Earth, that is the launch of the Synthozoic Era.
käz?m??nim n (2007) The name of any specific universe in the multiverse. The universe where the evil, Van Dyke wearing Mr. Spock lives and serves the Terran Empire is called the “Mirror Universe;” that’s a cosmonym.
käz?m??nimiks n (2007) The practice of making simple naming schemes for universes within the multiverse. A system of naming universes.

Just for posterity, y’all. You’re welcome.

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