Infernal Polkas, Birthdays and The Barbie and Ken of Fear

Wow, more than a whole half century on this rock! And I got well wishes from many of my friends and family. That’s really about all I can say about my birthday.

Anyway, today I just read news that Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are now in a presidential ticket together. This would be a horrifying thing to discover, if I wasn’t more alarmed at the prospect that these two idiots might actually convince a sufficient number of idiots to win. Every time I think this barbarous country has crossed the Schwarzschild radius of stupidity, it just continues to show me one worse.

But moving on to something more fun, in response to Thursday’s game, a diabolic creature was claimed to be accompanied by sanity draining music which sounded like Lawrence Welk standards, backmasked and run through autotune. Curious, I took “Pennsylvania Polka” reversed it and run it through an autotune plugin in the wonderful open source editing software, Audacity. Here is the result. Make a sanity check at minus four.

In case of Trump and Palin ruling this country come January 20th 2017, make a sanity check at minus eighteen.

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