Going Postal: The Spider Swarm!

[This session happened on April the 30th, cialis sales 2016, a Saturday. This was because I would be traveling out of state on May Day. With a few late arrivals and some technical issues as others got used to doing teleconferencing through Roll20, Toby, JB, Ralph, Mike, Ian and Demo were in attendance. What’s transcribed […]

Going Postal: Spellgaunts Attack!

[Taking place on April 24th, discount viagra 2016, generic viagra this was my first session where we used the WebRTC function of Roll20. As with my prior use of audio recording software with Skype, I had found a new tool to record the audio, video and screen events of Roll20. There was roughly two hours […]

Udra: My RPG Campaign History in Several Parts

See parts one, viagra sale two, three. and four. 2011 to The Present: The Virtual Living Room There was a roughly two year period between Summer of 2009 and early 2011 where I wasn’t running my game. This was because two key players once again moved away. But this time around there were solutions. Broadband […]