Udra, a wiki entry of sorts.

Udra is the name of a fictitious country in my stunningly long running role-playing game campaign, which began in the summer of 1978. It’s official name is the Udran Confederated Monarchy and Allied Nations, although it really only officially took that title approximately 12 years ago with the coronation of Queen Ellen I.

  • It is an island in the Septrional Ocean, roughly 600,000 square kilometers in size.
  • It consists of 6 duchy states, called cantons, and two autonomous regions, one belonging to the elves, the other to the dwarves.
  • Its government is largely a form of bastard feudalism although this has been changing over the last 100 years as the gentry wane with the rise of the merchant classes, civil bureaucracy and professional military. These changes have been greatly accelerated under Queen Ellen’s reign.
  • By the newly required Royal Census, its population is roughly 2 million, mostly human.
  • Its languages are Udran, Elvish, Dwarvish, Lomite (A mostly dead language spoken manly by scholars and the nobility.)  and a smattering of others
  • Its currency is the Golden House, a gold alloyed, five sided coin, roughly in the shape of a house.
  • Religion: a mixture of local and Lomite dieties and spirits.
  • Capital: Waylon
  • Demographic composition: Humans, dwarves, halflings, elves, orcs, gnomes
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