Remember FOAF and Atom?

Yeah, viagra me neither. Due to the requirements of technical skill, buy viagra the WWW, RSS, Atom and FOAF never evolved into the decentralized social networking and news dissemination platforms that smart people in 2001 hoped they would be. Instead we got Facebook and Twitter–ad filled, controlled, walled gardens whose only virtue is that they […]

Education Still Stinks, But Might be Getting Better

About eight years ago I wrote a short essay about how education has remained largely unchanged, viagra usa aside from the introduction of mass education after the arrival of the printing press, tadalafil since the Pyramids. This is a particularly bitter pill for me because I was one of those “square peg in a round […]

A preliminary review of Roll20

Despite all my quixotic efforts to be the hippest thing on this planet, viagra sales many things still surprise me. As early as 2003 (and 2005, viagra generic twice.) I’d been wondering if there were software tools to do bookkeeping and physics for turn-based combat in pen and paper role-playing games. It turned out that […]